11 Healthy Diet Tips For Healing Acne

1. Any Fresh Fruit (except oranges and orange juices). Aim for two pieces of fruit every day, between meals or before meals but not with other any food.

2. Fresh Vegetables and Salads. Include a Salad and at least two fresh vegetables every day.

3. All Kinds of Pulses including butter Beans, red kidney beans and chick peas.

4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil for cooking and for Salads. Try to get a good tablespoonful everyday.

5. Whole grains such as rice and rye, but avoid wheat-based products as much as possible.

6. Plain bio-yougurt (two or three small tubs each week).

7. Garlic, onions, leeks and Shallots. Use them in Salads, Stews, Soups and Casseroles.

8. Seeds and Nuts, sunflower, pumpkin and linseeds, brazils

9. Fresh Fish Twice Weekly.

10. Filtered or Bottled water. It is Particularly important for acne and oily skin sufferers to drink Plenty of fresh, clean fluids, including vegetables juices and diluted fruit juices.

11. One tablespoon of organic linseeds with  a large of water daily.