25 Effective Beauty Tips For All

When you don’t have time for trail and error you need beauty tips that really work. Here we have collected 25 most effective beauty tips just for you.


1. Brighten grey elbows by rubbing them with half a fresh Lemon, it has a natural bleaching effect. Moisturize afterwards to counteract the drying effects of the juice.

2. Turn foundation into a tint moisturizer by mixing a few drops of it with a little moisturizer on the back of your hand before applying. It’s perfect for Summer.

3. Carry a spray of mineral water in your hand bag to freshen up your foundation while you are out and about.

4. Sleeping on you back helps stop wrinkles according to the recent research. It certainly worth a try!

5. Dunk feet into a bowl containing warm water and 45ml/3 tablespoon Epsom salts to help ease swollen ankles.

6. If you have very soft Nails file them while the polish is still on, which will prevent them from cracking.

7. If you find eyebrow tweezing painful hold an ice cube over the area first to numb it before you start.

8. Warm up your looks by dusting a little blusher over your temples, chin and the tip of your nose as well your cheeks.

9. Sweep a little loose powder under your eyes when applying dark eyeshadow to catch falling specs and prevent them from staining your skin.

10. Make your lips appear large by wearing a bright light lipstick. Make them appear smaller by wearing a dark or muted colored lipstick.

11. Soak nails in a bowl of olive oil once a week to strengthen them.

12. If you haven’t got time for a full makeup but want to look great paint on a bright red lipstick- it’s a happy, glamorous color that can immediately brighten your face.

13. If you don’t have a different colored blusher for your cheeks simply use an ordinary face powder a couple of shades then your usual one to slim round cheeks.

14. Add a drop of witch hazel- available from all good pharmacists- to turn ordinary foundation into a medicated one- it’s great for oily or blemish- prone skins.

15. Mascara your lashes before applying false ones to help them stick properly.

16. If you look tired, bled a little concealer just away from the outer corner of your eye- it make you look as though you had a good nights sleeps!

17. Go lightly powder on wrinkles around your eyes- too much will settle into them and emphasize them.

18. When lucking your eyebrows coat the hair you want to remove with concealer, it’ll help you visualize exactly the shape of brow you’re after.

19. Never apply your makeup before blowdrying your hair, the heat from the dryer can make you prespire and cause your makeup to smudge.

20. Keep your smile looking its best by changing your toothbrush once the bristles begin to splay. You should brush for at least 2 minutes, both morning and evening.

21. Powder eyeshadows can be made to look more intense by dipping your eyeshadow brush in water first.

22. Keep lashes supple by brushing them with a petroleum jelly before going to bed.

23. Apply cream blusher in light downward movements, to prevent it from creasing and specs of color form catching in the fine hair on your face.

24. If mascara tends to clog on your lower lashes, try using a small thin brush to paint color on to individual lashes.

25. To prevent lipstick getting on your teeth, after applying it put your finger in your mouth purse your lips and pull it out.