7 Hot Tips

To Look Beautiful, Hot and Sexy is a Dream of every Girl, Have you ever Thought how easy it is? All you can do is by yourself, you can change your overall Look and that just need your 10 minutes with Concentration.

Following are the 7 Easy tips that will make you look Sexy and Beautiful, Have a Look:


Lips are the most attractive Part of our Face, no matter what shape you have. You can always recreate them by putting a prominent outline of your lips for the desired shape and then merge it with the Inner Shade. Broad Lips Usually Looks more Luscious and Sexy and to give them a beautiful look use a Fresh Red Color Lipstick, That adds Beauty.


Don’t forget that you have to make your Eyes to kill. After Lips, their come’s your eyes. Give your Eyes a Smoky Look which is always less time consuming and make your eyes always look stunning. You can always have a option in the Intensity of smoky shade, either its lighter or darker, Use eyeliners as well with the smoky eyeshadow to make your eyes look more broad and prominent.


Mascara is one of the most Important tool when you makeover your eyes, Never forget to put mascara because it helps to add volume and makes your eyes look more volumed and prominent.

Face Cuts:

To make your face Cuts Prominent, it hardly takes seconds to do so. All you need is a good quality Contouring shade, just apply it on your cheekbones following your Hair Line as well as apply it on your Nose follow your curve from the brow till the top of the nose. Using the same brush, blend the powder by moving the brush down the sides of your nose, working from the top to the bottom. Contouring makes your face look attractive, so never forget to give it your few seconds to apply.


Hairstyle’s Play an Important role in your over all Look and Personality, Casual Hair Styles Look more attractive then the ones which are made formally. In casual hairstyle’s we have so many opportunities that we can use for e.g, high ponytail, braids, simple blow dry, or just a frizzy unbrushed casual look, these all looks good in our daily routine schedule.

Nail Color:

When doing all the above given steps, Don’t forget to give a look to your hands, always apply a Nail Color because it helps to add a color in your Personalty. Choose Red’s

High Heels:

Last but not the Least, High Heels off course makes your walk more Sexier as well as it has a more attracting Qualities then the Flat ones. When doing all, Enhance your body Language to Look more Hot with the High Heels.