How to Increase Memory and Brain Health Tutorial

Whether you are a College student, studying for the final exam or you are working as a professional all of us wants to have a great memory and healthy brain, but as time passes our memory and brain health needs fuel to recharge, and for this we need to update our most complex brain systems, as we do it for our computers and other technical devices to keep them updated. Same come’s with our memory and brain health. There are so many ways by which we can boost our memory brain by just working on with few tips those can really bring a change by making you active and more attentive in your ever days life routine.

Pay attention:

Because this is a Fact that you can’t remember something if you never learned it, and you can’t learn something that is, encode it into your brain—if you don’t pay enough attention to it. It takes about eight seconds of intense focus to process a piece of information into your memory. If you’re easily distracted, pick a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted.

Involve as many senses as possible:

Try to Relate Information, a writing practice helps you to remember things because it helps you to imprint information in your mind and read out loud what you want to remember.

Relate informations to what your mind knows:

Connect your new information to the one, that you already remember with this practice you can build new information with previous knowledge.

Rehearse Information:

Review what you’ve learned the same day you learn it, and at intervals thereafter. This “spaced rehearsal” is more effective than cramming, especially for retaining what you’ve learned.

For further detailed instructions, Check out the following tutorial that will help and guide you step buy step with 25 Tips, that how you can boost your memory and active participation in your daily life routine activities.