Top 7 Must-Have Beauty Products For Summer-Spring 2012

Okay, you might have a huge allowance sanctioned for the sexiest costumes 2012. After all you cannot wear the same dress everywhere. But if you are looking to cut back on your expenses, buying beauty products online is one dimension where you can save some bucks without making it too apparent, if you know what products you can skip, for the time being.

So, it’s been quite some time you haven’t invested a single buck in cosmetics and given the current state of economy, you can’t even think of splurging on hundreds of different beauty products. The following list contains the must-have beauty products that can complete your look without leaving your pockets with a burning whole:

A good primer: A good primer will even out your skin tone and diminish the pores and the fine lines. It will make your skin smooth and set a perfect base to foundation. Invest in a primer which is rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

Concealer: A concealer works on hiding the ugly dark circles and the dark spots or blemishes on your skin. Don’t compromise on investing in a good concealer. For best results, use a brush or sponge for its application.

Sunscreen foundation: A foundation that acts as a sunscreen too will not only save you some money but it will also reduce an extra layer of beauty product on the skin.

Blush and eye shadow: In times where women hardly have time to invest in makeup, the only way for cosmetic companies to make a place for themselves, is to come with multipurpose product range. Buy blush that can also be used as the eye shadow. This also saves you from the burden of buying two expensive products. Also, it saves on time, especially when you are getting late to work.

Good eyeliner: A good smudge proof eyeliner is a must in every makeup kit. Try playing with different colors in eye liners for a perfect party chick look.

Smudge proof Mascara: The thick curly eyelashes are back in vogue and that has played an important role in making mascara an important component of the makeup kit. Prefer going for a waterproof mascara to avoid smudgy eyes.

A long lasting lipstick: Lipstick is one thing that you can’t ignore. Go for the latest range that contains lip balm or lip gloss. Even though it is a bit expensive, you will eventually save a lot of money as you are actually buying fewer products. Prefer a long lasting one so that you don’t have to reapply it after every few hours.

Even though all these cosmetics are enough to bring you all the limelight, you need to include some skin and hair care products like a good cleansing lotion, scrub, moisturizer, a facial mask, night cream,  some nail paints in bright shades, leave in conditioner and styling cream also in your makeup kit. Try to go for products that serve more than a single purpose to save money and time.