How To Do Angry Birds Nail Art

Now Angry Birds Fans are not far to have them, Check out the Awesome and Simplest Way to Learn that, how you can get these Cute Little Angry Birds on your Nails.

Things Needed:

  • Nail Strength Hardener
  • Transparent Nail Color or any other Top Coat
  • Red Nail Color
  • Black Nail Color
  • White Nail Color
  • Yellow Nail Color
  • Dotting Tools
How To:
  • Apply Nail Strengthener on to Nails and give Sufficient Time to Dry.
  • Create a Big Circle with Red Nail Color by Covering Half area of your Nail.
  • Then use a Toothpick or Dotting Tool to make little Feathers on the Top of the Bird’s head as shown in Video Tutorial Below.
  • Next with the Help of White Nail Color make the Bird;s Belly.
  • Use a Big Dotting Tool or you may use Back of a Eyeshade Brush to Create Bird’s eye.
  • Then apply Slightly Smaller Size Dots inside the Black Circles.
  • Now Use Stripper to Make EyeBrow’s of the Bird.
  • Apply Black Nail Color with the help of Dotting tool to make Pupil of Eye.
  • Finally now Make the Beak of the Bird with Yellow Nail Color with the help of the Dotting tool.
  • Let it Dry properly, once it is done apply Shiner and you Favorite Angry Birds Nail Art is Ready.

5 Homemade Dotting Tools

Now you must be thinking after looking at the Tutorial, that how to get these dotting tools. It’s Simple and it’s easy all dotting tool’s u have at your home. Just check out the Tutorial Below, from which you may learn how you can get simple dotting Tool’s with all Perfection that you get from Professional Dotting Tools.