Nails are the attractive part of your beauty which tells many things about you like if your nails are quite neat and clean and shinny then it shows how much delicate and Neat you are. Little Manual Labor and Regular Care is all that you need for Beautiful and Organized Nails, all it takes to have you will want to Show off, rather than ones you want to hide away.

Top 10 Nail Care Tips

Careful Product Selection:

1- Be careful, while selecting a Nail Product Brand. Avoid Using Acetone Removers, as this removes essential Nail Moisture out of your Nails, that leads to dull and lifeless Nails and becomes More prone to Damage and Tearing off easily. Choose the Conditioning Variety of Nail Polish Remover Instead.

Hand Creams:

2- Whenever you wash your hands, make it a Habit to apply Hand creams because it helps to Cover your Nails and Seals its Moisture, so they look more Shiny, Healthy and Beautiful.

Use Gloves:

3- The very common cause of Nail’s to get easily teared and brake is when they become Soft, and this happens when you keep them in water for longer period of time. Always wear Gloves for any such work where you know it will take your time to done. Such as Dish washing etc.

Under Coat:

4- If your Nails are very Weak, apply a thin Base Coat layer under your Nail Color application to give it a healthy look and extra Strength.

Dry Nails:

5- Dry Wet Nails in an Instant by Plunging them into Ice-Cold water.

Nail Repair:

6- To repair a Split Nail, tear a Paper from a Tea Bag or Coffee Filter Paper and Glue it over the Tear with Nail Glue. Once it is Dried Buff it until it gets Smooth. Then apply Nail Color of your Choice.

Nails Protection:

7- If you Planning to do some Dirty work like Gardening etc, and you don’t want your Nails to get Dirty then before planning your work Drag your Nails over a Soap. By doing this step your Nails will be filled with Soap and Dirt won’t be able to get in your Nails. Once, you are done with your Work you can easily wash them out.

Remove stains:

8- Clean Ink and other Stains from your Finger tips by using a Toothpaste and Toothbrush on the affected areas.

Wet Nails Precaution:

9- Never File your Nails immediately after a Bath, as this is when they’re at their Weakest and most likely to Split in abad Shape.

Nails Cleaning:

10 – Use a Cotton Bud with a Pointed end to Clean under your Nails, it’s more Gentle practice then rubbing your Nails with toothbrush.

Beautiful Nail Tip:

The Key to make your Nails look Beautiful is al that you need is Patience! It is important that you wait for each Coat to Dry throughly before applying the next Coat. If you rush between these Stages and apply the Coats to quickly, the manicure will not be perfect because you are sure to end with Smudges and a rather messy finish.