Things Your Nail Salon Never want to Reveal

Every Women loves to Pamper her Hands and Feet at its best by giving them a Luxurious treatments at Highly Paid Salon’s and there’s no Doubt, that these Saloons shows us the best results and we get Inspired by paying them the amount which is very important for running these Salon Industries. The basic aim of every Salon is to make you satisfied no matter whatever it takes them to do so.

It’s obvious, a Layman gets inspire when these Big Salons shows us Versatility, Cleanliness and use of different Equipments by deceiving the clients by cutting down their Cost and business booming of their big Industries. Have you ever give it a second thought before you go to give your Nails these treatments, that these luxurious treatments can sometimes turn’s into the worst, by delivering diseases and many other skin problems.

It has been estimated that around the world, Women’s contribution towards these Industry is Six billion Dollar every year. We don’t say each and every women who gets these treatment comes up with some problem,  but we would say, “Prevention is better than Cure”. Poor Techniques, Untrained Staff, Cheap Quality Materials, Bad Sanitization Practices could be breeding ground of Infections by Bacteria. Which is why it is better to know about the few things to uncover the Secrets of these Salons, which they never wants to Reveal. Read the ways you can save your money, time and possibly your life.

You are Always at a Risk 

1 – Podiatrist Dr. Robert Spalding, author of “Death by Pedicure,” states that “at this time, an estimated one million unsuspecting clients walk out of their chosen salon with infections — bacterial, viral and fungal.” He also states that 75% of Salons in United States do not uses proper Disinfection methods to cut down their costs. So its always better whenever you go to any salon demand them to show you the complete disinfection process of the tools that are going to be used for you.

2 - Dr. Spalding says that the greatest danger of the nail salon is “The transmission of infection from one client to another.” And with “millions of people whose immune systems are compromised by diabetes, HIV, cancer, hepatitis and other infective organisms” booking services offered in nail salons, many are dangerously susceptible to infection, warns the doctor. and that’s because these Salons never say no to any Customer, so u never know you may be next to the person who has already been served with the same tools.

3 – Celebrity manicurist Jin Soon Choi, owner of Jin Soon Natural Hand and Foot Spas in New York City, says she has heard of many salons filling expensive lotion bottles with a cheap generic lotion. These Salons charge you the rates of prestige and branded products but in reality these products are as cheap as a layman can never imagine off. These Nail Polishes are being diluted several times with the cheap Nail Polish removers to dilute them.

4- says Dr. Spalding. They can either come in with the client via “cuts, scratches, hangnails, bitten nails, insect bites, paper cuts, split cuticles — or be created in the salon,” he says. “Nail techs using callus-cutting tools and nail nippers, files, cuticle pushers, and electric burrs and drills, can and do scratch and nick skin,” It doesn’t always means that is your cuts are not bleeding and they are not visible you have no danger to get infection. Even minor injuries that are not prominent have a great risk to get infected which is discovered in later stages.

5 - If you find Salon Staff discussing anything regarding your services and providing you the best, then you are wrong. They just do whatever is taught to them by their Owners. Just a trick they play with the Clients to show them that they are trying to give you the best of their service. Instead whenever you find such situation just think they are discussing the shows they saw yesterday night.

6 -”Some infective microorganisms are easy to kill and some are not,” says the doctor. And unfortunately, he has seen “industry-wide confusion about the definition of the term ‘sterilize.’” 

7 - Many Salons uses Barbicide, UV light Sterlizer boxes and other Chemical Solutions and devices which is although legal but not efficient in killing all the Bacterias. The only Device that kills the Bacteria is called Autoclave which kills 100% germs. So it is always better to ask your Salon Manager that how they are disinfecting their tools and the Color change Pouches that the the instruments are prepared in. Autoclave Pouches are therefore Sealed and must be opened in front of you.

8 – Never Shave your Legs before having a Pedicure because it become more prone to infections because when you shave your skin pores gets open that are susceptible to Infectious diseases. So avoid having such things you know can make a problem for you.

9 – Foot baths aren’t safe at all, because these are filled with ordinary city waters that are not free from Microbes. Proper Disinfection of these Tubs are required to maintain safety measures, where these safety measure are taken very less in Salons.