HR Hydra Collagenist Cream

Helena Rubinsten introduces Hydra Collagenist Deep Hydration Anti-Aging Cream for Densifying and smoothing. This starts working in the upper layer of dermis where Collagen is  structured by the small molecules that are know as true  water micro-captors. Helena Rubinstein is working for these micro-captors from the last 10 years by giving its excellence to their product and maintaing all the standards required by the aging of the skin.

Hydra Collagenist is a deep hydration anti-aging cream that is enriched with the Derma-Hydrafix Complex and Collagen microspheres that helps to implant the water to the heart of skin by preserving the signs of youth. With its active ingredient of instant hydration boost reduces dehydration and wrinkles. As its always better and Recommended that the skin should be start maintaing at the age 30 to prevent aging and to increase youth. With the day by day use of Hydra Collagenist deep hydrating anti-aging cream your skin becomes visibly more hydrated, denser, visibly younger and smoother.


  • The Collagen Microspheres Lock water into the Epidermis.
  • The Derm-Hydrafix Complex stimulates the synthesis of Collagen structure to densify skin and fix water deep down in your skin.
  • In-Vitro Tests.